Friday, July 9, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers... yes really and I love them! I think what threw me over the edge was the fact that we were almost spending $100/ month on diapers and pull-ups. I love my kids but there had to be a cheaper alternative. I started researching cloth diapering... I remember some of my siblings wearing the flannel diaper with the cover and I was expecting it to be quite the same. Cloth diapers are not the same today... THEY ARE BETTER!!! There are pocket diapers, All in ones, and many more to suit your baby's needs. I watched lots of reviews of diapers and decided I really liked the bum genius pocket diaper that is also a one size. I didn't want to have small, medium and large diapers.... and seriously who would if they could have all of them in one diaper. I went out and bought 1 Bum genius cloth diaper for $25. Ridiculously expensive hey! Once I got home though I was looking at this diaper and realized how insanely easy it would be to make it. I had a little trouble finding a PUL that had a bit of give. All I could find was a diaper liner. The trouble with the diaper lining material was it didn't seem that durable, and had no flexibility what so whatever. After calling many fabrics stores in Winnipeg (there are tons here!!! yay)I found a store that said they may have it down in their basement. Thankfully I brought my hubby along to decode fabric names. He found me some fabric that was basically a rubberized polyester. We bought the other supplies and went home and I started sewing. I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out and it really hasn't even phased Lydia. An extra load of laundry a day hasn't really phased me either. I'm still buying disposable diapers for when we are out... it makes my life a bit less complicated! We go through the disposable a lot slower now though... what would have lasted us maybe 2 weeks we've been using for 2 months. Brighton is sleeping through the night dry so I don't even need to buy pull ups anymore! It's been over a month and he's only had two accidents! What an amzing lil guy I have! I am loving spending less money, going "green", and that Lydia's bum has never looked cuter! hehehe :O)


  1. I love this, Paige! I've been thinking long and hard about cloth diapers, too...with #2 coming we'll have two kids in diapers...and while I can rationalize one kid's-worth of disposables, I can't for two.
    Thanks for sharing!!! I am not a great we'll see where that gets

  2. I'll have to check them out while you're visiting. I've considered cloth because of cost and because I love this earth, but I'm not sure I want all that laundry!

  3. Laura I'm not a pro sewr either... it really is just sewing pieces together and then adding elastic and velcro. SO EASY!
    Maggie it took me a while to get used to washing them but really 1 extra load a day doesn't affect me too much.