Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lydie Lou

Here's a couple things Lydia has done this past month:
1) Developed a love for "pretties" (as she calls them). Whether it's necklaces, clips, or these adorable beaded socks my mom made, if she sees them she's gotta have them. Sometimes all of them. The other day I was just getting out of the shower and heard a little voice outside the door. It was of course Lydia pleading for help with her socks. She had gotten into her sock drawer and taken out all her socks then divided the non beaded ones from the regular boring ones and then brought all the beaded ones to me. She could barely contain herself as I was putting them on. As soon as I finished she jumped up and started running around the house... it makes the beads click together. So cute!

2) For the past couple weeks she's been taking her diaper off and I put her on the potty once and Brighton has been talking to her about how he goes potty. It's quite hilarious! Any way we were at church and Lydia says to me "Pappi", I thought she was trying to say puppy. I smelt something and took her out to change her. We went to the mothers room and I took her diaper off and there was nothing. Lydia then says "No. Pappi". I finally got it then and rushed to the bathroom and SHE WENT PEE. YAY!
3) Manners. This is something that is really important to me so a while back I started teaching Lydia to say "Thank-you". She now says it and it is seriously THE CUTEST thing ever. It's totally in her favor though because I keep giving her stuff so she says it again! Hahaha.
4) Love. So Brighton is pretty attached to his lil sister and isn't too fond of her going down for a nap. I spend a good majority of the time trying to distract him from their bedroom. Before they go to sleep every once in a while I'll put both of them in Lydia's crib to cuddle while I sing/ read to them. One night after I had sang to them I heard a little voice in the monitor. Saying something over and over. I went it there and Brighton was passed out but Lydia was in her crib trying to get Brighton to wake up saying "ton-ton" over and over. It was so cute and I love that they love each other so much!

I love you "little green machine"!

So a while back I received a "little green machine" for mothers day. I absolutely LOVE it. I have a micro suede couch that I worked my butt off to get and my children had pretty much destroyed it. I thought well can it get any worse and I tried the machine on it. I only went over it once and it looks BRAND NEW. I'm so happy! Now I won't be harboring any bad feelings towards my wonderful little monkeys and I have a nice clean couch again!