Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeah, I'm that lame...

I was just looking at this site; K i'd better explain, I wanted to know what a word meant, so I looked it up at, and then it showed Anagrams for the word. So I figured, "I bet some one has made a site that does that." So I looked up this site and tried my name. I found out that I can get Ninja out of my name, but also that I couldn't make any cool phrases with the word Ninja, Just "Ninja Word Whiner" and "Win Her Ninja Word." When I dropped any name, I lost ninja, so there was nothing cool from Andrew John, or John Irwin, or Andrew Irwin, however, almost giving up, I decided to just try Andrew...and the last option I was given.... "Aw Nerd!" 
I decided it ws probably time to pack it in and go study...Dang.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So, last night we went to the baptism for M.J. St. Clair in our ward. After the baptism they had refreshments had Brighton got into a little too many. On the way home since we hadn't had dinner we stopped at Wendy's and picked up some food. As we sat around the table at home, Paige and Lydia began to play a game with a Burger wrapper, where they would pull it away from each other. Brighton enjoyed watching, and laughed hysterically until he couldn't breath. Eventually he couldn't take it any more and had to join in.  I too, joined the game, and it resulted in me and Brighton chasing each other around the house.  Near the end of all this it was about 9:30 (they normally go to bed around 7:30)  and Brighton and Lydia were strung out beyond all reason.  Getting them to bed was not without considerable difficulty.

Once brighton was in his pajamas, the sugar-high-induced-party continued in full. With Mommy pretending to be frighted of the mean Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that had appeared in our living room. to brighton this was the best.

"Don't worry it's me Brighton!" is what he would tell us after we screamed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

After a long day....

In the past month Brighton and Lydia have started playing together! They chase each other around the house, plays cars, dolls, play behind the couch (definetly one of the favourites) and cuddle together while watching a movie. Andrew and I LOVE this new friendship they have! It's so fun to just watch them interact. Brighton is definetly the protective older brother. He brings her bottles and kisses her when she gets hurt and makes sure that she is never to close to the TV screen. This past sunday they were chasing each other around and behind the couch. Andrew went to go check on them and he found Lyddie playing behind the couch and Brighton asleep!

Keeping everyone updated.

Hey all! So we thought we'd try out this blog idea!

We had a great Christmas, our first just our little family. It was great and alot of fun starting our own traditions! Brighton loves tents so we slept in a tent in our basement on Christmas eve! He absolutely loved it! We watched Christmas movies and had some delicious food! Christmas day Andrew and I cooked our first Turkey together and we didn't even burn it! WOW!!! We had 6 missionaries come over to our house for dinner. I was a little nervous about this but it turned out good and we had alot of fun eating and playing board games. The kids were spoiled rotten by their Grandparents and Aunty Sandy and Uncle Gord. They pretty much had a playroom makeover on Christmas!

Lydia loves this tea set!


Dolls= Happy Lyddie

Christmas Eve in our tent.

Lydia loves taquitos!

Next was Lydia first Birthday! We can't believe how old this little girl of ours is! How time flies! She loved opening her presents and Brighton did a great job at letting her do it by herself!

Brighton and Lyddie cuddling while watching a show.