Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sunshine is here and we are LOVING IT!

There is something about Spring that just gets me so excited! I think even more so now that I live in Winnipeg where it is Winter for half of the year. Sick I know! So now that Spring is here we are loving it! Going to the park and going for bike rides. Brighton has even mastered riding his tricycle. Lydia is very jealous and gets a little frustrated that her legs aren't quite long enough. Today we even pulled out the kiddie pool and played in there and got some sun. I have tan lines... well burn lines. But it's gonna turn into a tan though (well hopefully!). Another reason we are excited is because as of tomorrow at 5pm school is done for Andrew and we get to spend the next 4 months as a normal family. Well as normal as we can get. Plans for the summer? Enjoy our backyard, head over to BC to visit family, and make Brighton and Lydia bunk beds. Yes we have a garage now so Andrew and I are going to make bunk beds! We have been following Here is the bunk bed I want to make. Seriously check out her site she has some amazing stuff on there and all the plans as well.

Easter Photos

So back at Easter Andrew and I decided to do a little photo shoot of our babes. I think it's a general rule now if we take over a hundred pictures we will most likely get one good one. Or at least that's what we do and hope for the best. Maybe one day we will get enough airmiles to get a good camera. I think we're half way there now. Only another 4 years to go... hahaha. Any tips on getting your children to stay in the same room that your taking pictures in? I wish we had gotten pictures or a video of the Easter egg hunt we did. Brighton knew exactly what was going on and was so excited. Lydia however after we showed her what was in the plastics eggs starting shaking in excitement. So hilarious!